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Fred has a protector!
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Happy Monday :)
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calling out slut shaming hells yes
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I think this is necessary to post. I see a lot of people “saving” bunnies.

"*Bunnies are one of the most frequently “kidnapped” mammal species.*Mothers dig a very shallow nest in the ground that is easily uncovered when mowing or raking the yard. If you find a rabbit nest-leave it alone!!*Mother rabbits only return to the nest two or three times a day, usually before dawn and right after dusk. *To determine if they are orphaned, either place a string across the nest in a tic-tac-toe shape or circle the nest with flour. Check the nest the next day. If the string or flour is disturbed, the mother has returned. If not, take the bunnies to a rehabilitator.* A bunny that is bright eyed and 4-5 inches long is fully independent and does NOT need to be rescued!*If you find a bunny that does need to be rescued, put it in a dark, quiet location. Bunnies are a prey species and while they may look calm, they are actually very, very scared!”

Never knew this, keeping this for reference

As a student of Veterinary Medicine I can completely confirm this! Do NOT take them out of their nest unless you’re 100% sure that the mother did not come back for them after at least one day!
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Life’s tough, get a helmet. Starting my life over from scratch is going to be hard, really hard. I feel incredibly overwhelmed and stressed but I know it’s possible. Especially with the support of my friends and family. 💕 just keep swimming.
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My spanish speaking ass JUST realized this…


Just saying, they say that she is “a super cool exploradora” right in the theme song.
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Not sure if im still drunk or if this is just one weird ass hangover.

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